Painting a View of Carbon Canyon

While visiting an area outside of Brea, CA I began painting a view of Carbon Canyon .  The town was established on the northeast corner of Orange County, CA, many years ago.  The town was once called Olinda. It was a small pioneer town known mostly for the oil business. Some of the oil fields are still there.  Part of the canyon is a regional park where many people now hike and ride their horses.

Painting of A View at Carbon Canyon by Curtis Green
A View at Carbon Canyon – Curtis Green

This painting was done at the very east end of the park where the trails drop down to a loop around a small hill.  The fenced in area is now a native plant garden.  Like many places in Orange County, the setting sun provides a particular golden glow that has been captured by many artists and photographers.  This is a beautiful area during certain times of the day and is full of history.

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