Trees Survive at Carbon Canyon after the Fires

Late Afternoon at Carbon Canyon - Curtis Green
Late Afternoon at Carbon Canyon

Mid-winter means the sun is still a little low in the horizon and is just beginning to hint at the position it will soon be at in spring.   There is a quality of the softer light that inspires that feeling one gets when the air is clear and clean and also both warm and cool.

This painting was done in the brisk shade, looking down the path that leads past the nature preserve and garden in Carbon Canyon.  This is a return trip, probably the third one, to this area that has captured my attention.   This area was recently  on fire, and some of the area showed signs of being scorched. The trees that appear here were also subjects of the other paintings done around this location.  Fortunately the main trunks  survived and restoration of the area is underway.

I like the height of the trees so  I’m mostly responding to the massing of the shapes and how that creates a composition on the canvas.  It seems to set up for a “Californian” as well as a European sensibility.   That’s the goal, anyway.


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