Notes on the Persistent Genre of Still Life

Still Life with Orange Peels - Curtis Green
Still Life with Orange Peels

From ancient times to the present, the genre of the still life has been a staple of artistic expression.  Examples are found throughout the ancient ruins of Egypt, Crete, Pompeii for example.

The still life was a devout study for the northern Europeans during the 15th – 18th centuries.   Then the still life took on a whole new meaning during the years Cezanne and the Fauves were painting.  Picasso and Braque moved the still life into an entirely new purpose with their advent of Cubism, which led to the modernists’ search for form and the abstract work the expressionists.

Here is a fresh still life that was painted directly in oil, without any drawing done beforehand.  This is the first one in what I hope will be more to come.  The image is probably more formal in composition than it is in execution,  which lends itself,  perhaps more toward contemplation over literal examination.

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