Walking Along an Equestrian Trail

Along the Botanic Garden Trail - Curtis Green
Along the Botanic Garden Trail

Walking allows one to clear the mind and lets the accumlation of thought process and organize.  Many solutions to ideas or decisions have happened while walking.   A shift in focus occurs while walking, from task oriented sequential thinking to a more observational view as one takes in the world around them.

This was the case when I finally painted this scene on a local equestrian trail.  I pass it many times and always notice the effect of the light mingling in the tree branches.  This time in particular, the sun was streaking a bold march across he middle ground.  The pallete was limted to three colors, and the golden shadow inside the shelter really suprised me in how it makes so much sense in the reflected daylight.

A couple of riders and their horses passed as we greeted each other.  (One should always respect the trails and the right of way of those riding by staying well off the paths as possible.)  This paintng highlights the fact that the eye is always looking and seeing, expecially while on a quiet walk.


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