Artfully Engaged

As the pandemic continues, many of us find ourselves mapping out and navigating ourselves into a new way forward.  We hear from medical and mental professionals about the mix of emotions and their effects this historic disruption has had on what we all knew as our stable way of doing things.


The good news is that we can certainly all understand how we all could possibly feel, which may be a little topsy-turvy.  Still, one thing I have noticed are a couple things.  One is our resiliency overall.  We tend to go through several processes individually yet in the end we create slogans like “rise up” or “stand strong”.  


I like to believe that means we all truly support each other and want the best for each other and ourselves in the pursuit of personal and societal happiness.  I hope you are being well and know that we are all finding our way out of uncertainty by creating new things and inventing new ideas about work and life.


Another aspect is our tendency to open-up and share.  Here are a few art related ways I found recently to stay in touch and stay involved.

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Staying Well with Art

Painters Palette at the Ready

Hi Everyone,
I hope all us are well during this interesting time in our history.  As we are encouraged to “Stay Safer at Home” we are finding ourselves burdened with adjusting to many things.  Some of my friends tell me they are adjusting to a lack of structure.  Some were used to waking up and going to work every day, and with that came their routine of “getting out the door”, and that is no longer necessary in the same way it was a few weeks ago. 

Couple that with the extra management of home-schooling children, providing your own daily meals, struggling with hectic grocery store runs, and managing dwindling finances, how do we cope with so many new considerations suddenly thrust into our lives as never before? 

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Similarities Unify Us More than our Differences

My Brushes on a Table

As I write this, many of us are having concerns about our health due to the Corona Virus pandemic.  In connection with that are concerns about our leadership, election campaigns, and the economy.  I recently attended a panel discussion about civility in partisan times.  One of the major points was that throughout human history there has been conflict and worry, however our similarities often unify us more than our differences.

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